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I have a video file, a personal film of about an hour that I want to share with my grandmother who lives on the other side of the planet. The file is around 4GB and I have the file on my iPhone SE3, and she has the same file saved on her iPhone 12 Mini. I wonder how can I share this video file and watch it together.

She saved the video file, probably in her Photos app, but I’m not sure. I have the same file saved in Readdle’s Documents app. I wonder what is the best way to do it.

I’m also wondering, perhaps much more importantly, if the files MUST have the exact same name, or the exact same file size or file type for this all to work. My grandma is definitely tech illiterate, so I want to avoid any unforeseen avoidable obstacles in the road once I can FaceTime her.

That’s okay, but the video shows old vacations the family took in Florida, including DisneyWorld and the beaches. Thing is, we’re about to want other family members to join us for this virtual movie watching experience and I think my grandma is the hardest person to work with when it comes to tech, so that’s what I’m focused on, but once I’m sure everything will work and play well, I’ll know that inviting my aunt and uncle into the chat will be a breeze.

I’m not even sure if Readdle’s Documents app supports SharePlay; I do know though that their PDF Expert app does, but obviously that one doesn’t play videos.


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