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This Friday (April 23), Space Chat will explore the technology behind spacesuits that allow astronauts to walk in space, on the moon and – one day – on Mars.

This week, Senior Writer Chelsea Gohd will take a look at the evolution of space suits and how they protect astronauts from the harsh environment of space!

Every Friday at 1 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. GMT), Gohd hosts Space Chat, which you can find live on the Facebook page. Each week the series explores a new spatial subject, spanning from Earth to the universe and far beyond.

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Do you have a specific topic that you would like Gohd to discuss in a future episode of Space Chat? Are you passionate about nebulae? Want to explore NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope? Want to dive deep into astrobiology and the search for life?

Post your suggestion for the topics of the next episodes on one of’s social media channels. Additionally, if you want to stay actively involved in the community, feel free to chat with other space enthusiasts on in our forums here.

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