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October is known for heralding the arrival of cold climates, Halloween, horror movies, pumpkin spice and hot latte. Considering October of this year, National Cookie Month comes to mind! This celebration allows us to prepare for the holidays by giving us a reason to eat delicious hot cookies with our latte.

This year, the famous 4th Street Cookie Company is competing to celebrate National Cookie Month. They announced the first baking contest at Reading Terminal Market, which has been held since 1978. Tina Phillips, owner of the famous 4th Street Cookie Company, said: I thought I could do something fun. You know everything is blocked and there is nothing to go to. I just thought it was fun. Is it Covid? Watch out for the wind, do it with restrictions, bring people together and protect them. “

This Covid Safe cookie baking competition takes place in three stages. The first step is strictly online, you must submit the recipe and the application in line Before October 8. The renowned 4th Street Cookie Company reviews the recipes and entries submitted and selects 6-8 semi-finalists. Semi-finalists will be invited to provide a baked candy and a one-minute video explaining the inspiration behind the recipe. A panel of 6-8 Philadelphia tasters and / or chefs will meet at the Reading Terminal Market to sample submissions and select three “Celebrity Finalists”. These finalists will be invited to the City Kitchen at Reading Terminal Market for a live cooking in front of the jury on October 29.

After baking, a Grand Prize winner will be selected. The winning cookies will be added to The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company’s cookie roster and will be mass produced and available from coast to coast. The cookie will receive a funny name as well as the contribution of the winner. Plus, those with a cookie crown will receive a $ 500 gift certificate at Reading Terminal Market.

If your cookie recipe has ready-made canned mix, this isn’t for you. Philips said, “Because we are a clean label business, there are caveats to the competition. Use what you have in your kitchen. When cooking with children or for moms and grandmothers. Use the same ingredients. We don’t have any artificial favors or anything that is not healthy for you. Flour, sugar, butter, but the best flour, sugar, butter you can buy. Competitors will be held on the same basis, with no artificial flavors or colors.

Are you trying to stand out from the competition? Philips says so many people are allergic to nuts, so they’re looking for something creative and are still interested in nut-free options. She also said we were in Philadelphia: “We love what we love. We are a more mundane town of Jane. Many want to put something very flashy in their cookies. I know what you are thinking, but the city loves raw and rustic things, but that doesn’t mean the interesting things can’t win. “

Anyone, trained baker or not, can participate in this competition. Phillips commented on the idea that skilled chefs have an edge over everyday bakeries: I’m not asking for flashy cookies. We are sincerely looking for something delicious cookies. This is what we are looking for. Anyone can give it to us. “

Start National Cookie Month with a User-Friendly Cookie Contest | Way of life

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