Tel Aviv and The Civil Dead top the list at the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival Awards


The drama of Marat Parkhomovsky Tel Aviv won two awards and Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas’ ghost comedy The civilian dead won the Jury Prize for Best North American Narrative Feature at the 8th Annual Mammoth Lakes Film Festival.

The festival, which ended on Sunday, returned to its usual Memorial Day weekend slot after pivoting in the fall last year.

“This year’s festival will not only be remembered as a gathering of incredible filmmakers with truly remarkable stories to tell, but brought us together as a community,” festival director and founder Shira Dubrovner said in a statement. communicated. “At the heart of what we do is connecting as humans, and the restorative effect of being with each other in person has been transformational and inspiring.”

Tel Aviv won Best International Narrative Feature and People’s Choice Award for Best International Narrative Feature.

The civilian deadwhich also won the People’s Choice award earlier this year at Slamdance, won prizes at Mammoth Lakes including a $1,000 cash prize, a $10,000 Panavision camera rental grant, a LightIron post-production package of $13,500 and a set of scenarios and financial analyses.

I had the honor of serving on this North American Narrative Feature Jury alongside Sarah Diamond and Scott Steindorff, and so I’ve included our statements on the three awards we presented below.

North American narrative characteristics

Best North American Narrative Feature: The civilian deaddirected by Clay Tatum, written by Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas.

Jury Statement: With its wildly inventive narrative that upends audience expectations from scene to scene, this slacker comedy refreshes the well-worn ghost story genre. Tying it all together is the effortless chemistry between protagonists Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas. Tatum’s skater photographer character in The civilian dead might dream of a couch potato lifestyle, but there’s nothing lazy about this movie’s seamless construction.

Special mention: for the best performance of Kit Zauhar in real peoplewritten and directed by Kit Zauhar.

Jury Statement: Despite a multitude of characters moving in and out of the story, make no mistake, real people centers on writer-director Kit Zauhar’s piercing performance as the unraveling Riley. Zauhar’s future as a writer-director is undeniably bright, and this award also highlights her equally bright future as an actor.

Special Mention for Best Cinematography in Engine noisewritten and directed by Philippe Grégoire.

Jury Statement: Stunning Canadian and Icelandic landscapes contrast with stylish close-ups in Engine noise. Drawing inspiration from the visual work of Matthew Barney, the cinematography works to draw audiences into the world of this surreal city on the Canada-US border.

International Features

Best International Narrative Feature: Tel Avivwritten and directed by Marat Parkhomovsky.

Best North American Documentary Feature: A woman outsidedirected by Zara Katz and Lisa Riordan Seville.

Bravery Award for Documentary Feature: Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege)directed by Abdallah Al-Khatib.

Special mention of the jury for the price of bravery: The silent epidemicdirected by Lindsay Keys and Winslow Crane-Murdock

Best International Documentary Feature: eternal springdirected by Jason Loftus

Screenplay competition

Best Screenplay: I saw the forest by Patrick L. McConnell


Best North American Narrative Short: “Birds,” directed by Katherine Propper

Special Jury Mention: “From Water Comes Melon”, directed by Micah Vassau

Best International Narrative Short Film: “Be Somebody”, directed by Edelawit Hussien

Special Jury Mention: “Colony Collapse Disorder”, directed by Amos Holzman

Best Documentary Short: “Ali and His Miracle Sheep”, directed by Maythem Ridha

Special mention to “Kak Iraj”, directed by Jamshid Farjvand

Special mention to “The Doll”, directed by Elahe Esmaili

Best Animated Short Film: “The Fourth Wall”, directed by Mahboobeh Kalaee

Special mention to “Zoon”, directed by Jonathan Schwenk

Special mention to “Conversations With A Whale” directed by Anna Samo

Best Music Video: “Point and Kill” by Little Simz featuring Obongjayar, directed by Ebeneza Blanche

Audience Award

Best North American Narrative Feature: Kickin Knowledgedirected and written by Adinan Kamanzi.

Best International Narrative Feature: Tel Avivdirected and written by Marat Parkhomovsky.

Best North American Documentary Feature: The Outlaw Pezdirected by Bryan Storkel and Amy Bandlien Storkel.

Best International Documentary Feature: eternal springdirected by Jason Loftus.

Main image: a still image of Tel Avivwinner of the jury and the public for the best international film at the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival 2022.


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