The Blue Meanie remembers speaking with Tony Khan on an AOL chat in the 90s


AEW founder Tony Khan may be an executive, but his fandom and professional wrestling expertise has been widely touted.

The Blue Meanie recently joined Wrestling Inc. Editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily and revealed that he used to speak with a young Tony in online chat rooms.

“Tony is a great guy. In the 90s, when AOL was a thing, I was always going into cats. There was always a conversation between myself, Mike Johnson of PWInsider, our mutual friend Jeremiah, our mutual friend Del, and Tony Khan was also in that room, ”Meanie said. “We were chatting and exchanging tapes back then, and you knew he loved ECW.

“I was just thinking about it the other night, it was during one of the last shows organized by ECW at Lulu Temple. It was the Lulu Temple, the ECW Arena weekend, and it was the weekend we did the KISS [parody] both nights. They played the arena one, but our trial was at the Lulu Temple, and Tony was there for those two nights.

Khan and Meanie share a mutual love for a lot of things in pro wrestling, including some Freshly Squeezed talent. Meanie mentioned that he is “so jealous” of the way Orange Cassidy is.

“I’m so jealous of Orange Cassidy,” Meanie said. “He shoots so much while doing less is more. I always say less is more. If you feel like you’re going slow, go slower, and boy. I watch Orange Cassidy do what he’s doing and get over it and have a reaction, and I’m jealous. Besides the fact that he’s a great guy anyway, I like it when the right people are doing good. I love everything he does now. He is great. I’m laughing just because he’s done so much, and it’s not bad, but I wish I could get away with it. And I do wrestling with the thumb in the ring.

Meanie pointed out that his jealousy is rooted in admiration and that he would actually like to mix it up with Cassidy someday.

“We could have a fake. Seriously, before the pandemic started, I was going to start petitioning for Blue Meanie vs. Orange Cassidy, ”Meanie said. “Blue against Orange. Stuff like that. I would love to work with him at least once. Even though AEW comes back to Philadelphia, hosts a live event, makes an appearance at ECW and I and Orange Cassidy can do something.

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