The city holds the first “Tallahassee Awards”


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – The inaugural Tallahassee Awards take place on Tuesday. A chance for the city to thank five people in Tallahassee who have worked tirelessly, especially during the pandemic, to make a difference in their community.

Mayor John Dailey said the city wants the community to know the people who have made Tallahassee work over the years.

“Listen, there is no doubt that the past two years have been very tough on the individual, the family, the community and the state,” said Mayor Dailey. “I thought it was important to celebrate and recognize these great citizens and neighbors who have gone above and beyond in these difficult times, and it was a great ceremony.

Chris Petley, president of Tallahassee Soccer Club and Monique VanPelt, CEO of Second Harvest, were two of the winners of the Tallahassee Awards tonight.

They said they were honored to have their hard work recognized and looked forward to continuing their work in Tallahassee.


“It’s more than a football club,” said Petley. “We played our first game in May when I think we were still in the thick of it. Eleven hundred people showed up to our game, and I don’t think a single person watched the game. was one of the first major events held in the city, and it was so great to see neighbors talking to neighbors and friends coming back to talk with demons. “

“Rewards like this are only really possible in communities that support and give an open lease to people who have creative ideas and want to find solutions to really complicated problems,” said VanPelt.

Other winners of tonight’s award are Royle King of The Omega Lamplighters, Talethia Edwards of the Greater Bond Neighborhood Association and Aurora Hansen of the Tallahassee Asian Coalition.

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