‘The Comey Rule’ Emmy Interviews: Watch Our 4 In-Depth Discussions


“The Comey Rule” premiered on Showtime for two nights on September 27-28 last year, telling the story of James comey’s (played by two-time Emmy winner Jeff Daniels) tenure as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The two-part limited series frames Comey’s time as head of the FBI through two of the agency’s most high-profile investigations. The first is the investigation into the former secretary of state that of Hillary Clinton the use of a private mail server as secretary and Comey’s decision to announce the reopening of the investigation (due to a connection with a former congressman Anthony Weiner) less than two weeks before the 2016 presidential election. Part 2 of the series examines Comey’s navigation in the agency’s investigation into the president’s campaign Donald trump (played by Emmy winner Brendan Gleeson) and the possible links he had with the Russian government. The actions of the office led Trump to fire Comey and set off a chain reaction of events that culminated in the appointment of Comey’s predecessor, Robert mueller, being appointed special advisor to oversee the investigation.

The Emmy potential for this film is very high. In addition to possible nominations for Daniels in Movie / Limited Actor and Gleeson in Movie / Limited Seconding Actor (after securing matching Golden Globe nominations in January), acting Emmys could be in the cards for previous nominees. Holly hunter for playing the Deputy Attorney General Sally yates and Michael kelly for playing the deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. Oscar nominee Billy Ray could also score up to three nominations for his work as the program’s screenwriter, director and executive producer. Other creatives who could land nominations for their work include casting directors Sharon bialy and Gohar Gazazyan, production designer Christophe Brun and composer Henri jackman.

How serious are the Emmy chances for “The Comey Rule?” If the critical reception has been very mixed, this series should not be counted. On the one hand, the Emmys loved movies and limited series that chronicled real events of the recent past. Recent examples of nominees include “Brexit” (2019), “Escape at Dannemora” (2019), “Phil Spector” (2013) and “Generation Kill” (2009). Last year, “Bad Education” also won the award for best TV movie. But what really helps “The Comey Rule” is that the Emmys love these kinds of long-running shows when they have a political angle. Just look at the success achieved by “Recount” (2008) and “Game Change” (2012) during their respective ceremonies. Another example is “Too Big to Fail” which, although he returned home empty-handed, managed to land 11 nominations in 2011. Follow the links below to watch our four interviews and see what the creative production team has to say. .

Sharon Bialy and Gohar Gazazyan, casting directors

Christopher Brown, production designer

Henry Jackman, composer

Billy Ray, Showrunner / Writer / Director

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