The LISD Singing Contest returns for its seventh edition


After a long hiatus due to the COVID pandemic, Laredo ISD’s “Be a Star with School Breakfast” has returned for its seventh year bringing together students to show off their creativity and singing skills.

The K. Tarver Elementary School Ponies were the hosts for this edition of the singing contest, having been the winners of the contest two years ago.

Nine LISD elementary schools competed, but only three won a trophy. In third place, K. Tarver’s students showed off their acting skills with a performance filled with interpretation, great singing, and distinct crowd engagement. In second place, JC Martin’s Cowgirls wowed the audience with their impeccable dancing and singing skills.

The 2022 LISD Singing Contest Champion was Christopher M. Macdonell Elementary. With an acting skit, the team opened their performance of a cappella singing and live instrument playing, making their number unforgettable.

“We do this to motivate students to eat breakfast because it is very important for students to learn, to do well in school and to pass their tests,” said the child nutrition program director, Robert Cuellar. “It’s one of the meals that we’re trying to increase attendance and by doing so, students are engaged and active in wanting to eat breakfast. It’s a way to get the message out.”

The competition is held in preparation for the STAAR test to encourage students to eat a healthy breakfast so that they succeed.

The idea for the contest began nine years ago with the school breakfast initiative during breakfast week, and then LISD decided to continue running the contest and adopt it in schools. district annual plans.

Since the competition returned after a COVID break, the number of participating schools has dwindled, however, students and audiences have remained as energetic as ever.

“I think next year it will be bigger and better,” Cuellar said. “With the COVID situation, the number of breakfasts is not as high. We deliver around 9,000 a day on average, and on a regular year we serve around 14,000 breakfasts a day, but we hope that people will come back to school and get vaccinated, we can increase the number of breakfasts.”

The district has expanded its breakfast options from the cafeteria, to take-out, smoothies and the ability for students to have breakfast in the hallways, in the classrooms and even to offer breakfast. -lunch for their second period class.

All participants received a medal and a backpack. As for the third place winners, they won a smartwatch, the second place winners won a karaoke speaker and the first place winners received a laptop. The awards will be given to each school for the respective principals to present the awards to the students.

“I want to thank parents and remind them to bring their children to school and the importance of breakfast,” Cuellar said, stressing the importance of getting students to school early so that have time to eat breakfast or take it home. “Let us do you a favor by having your children eat meals here. What could be better than a nutritious and balanced breakfast that we offer here in our school cafeterias.”

As the winning school, Macdonell will host next year’s contest. He will also host the Summer Kickoff where he will also perform the winning number. This kickoff begins the Summer Food Service Program Meal which begins May 31st.


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