The most efficient spoken Internet. Huge list of chat rooms on the web!


The most efficient spoken Internet. Huge list of chat rooms on the web!

A massive list of the best online discussion forums!

Precisely the most useful

This is essentially the most productive, English speaking, free discussion site out there. that you can get on the internet now. The vast majority of these sites do not require a membership to log in and provide party forums with lots of information. Originally these were the ‘Top 50 Chat Websites’ but the chats have closed lower and now we wouldn’t want to put some horrible or vacant webcam websites in order to bring the number down to 50.


321 Speak provides advice on an incredible array of topics. The chat offers many qualities and configurable possibilities of use which allow the chatters to change the general appearance and experience in the room to who is authorized to send you a personal message. Zone moderation is exactly what sets 321Chat apart from other cats. You will find guidelines that there are people out there to apply them all, which keeps the website from becoming troll breeding ground and instead promotes a sense of belonging. 321Chat first opened in 2002, since then the number of space domains offered has grown steadily. So far, you can find 14 different topics spanning multiple years, races, religions, and sexual orientations.


Surviving huge webcam hubs like AOL and Yahoo !, Chat-Avenue’s 4,000 simultaneous conversations make it the largest chat website in cyberspace. Chat Ave has made great strides since their debut in 1999. Today it includes promoting their own webcam software as they ditch the use of 123FlashChat. For the moment, visitors to Chat-Avenue have a solution to use Flash Chat or another webcam created in php. Follow Chat-Avenue closely over the next two months leading up to launch, which claims to become both mobile-friendly and webcam-enabled.

Line Club

WireClub was a really wonderful network. Yes, they need it to register so you can walk into their chat rooms, but it’s a chat experience like no other. Their voice applications effortlessly combine the properties in a natural and intuitive way. Hitting a username blasts their profile with quick access with their photo, claimed badges, and choices to chat, content, friend, block, or report. There is also a virtual credit program that you must use to give away freebies, badges, and other fun factors.

PalTalk / CamFrog

CamFrog & PalTalk become owned by the same vendors and both feature in fairly similar tactics. Both require you to get their own software and register for free. Once linked, the default choice is to live stream their webcam, which means more chats have webcams than you will see. CamFrog and PalTalk are reducing the number of cameras you can view at one time and / or the time period that you can watch if you are not a paid representative. Memberships can range from $ 4 to $ 40 per month and offer different amounts of profit.

UK cat

UKChat is obviously located in UNITED KINGDOM, but find plenty of cats outside of their English speaking regions like the United States and Canada. UKChat runs the latest type of Stelivo chat which means truly cell phone compatible and webcam compatible. Another feature of UKChat that shouldn’t go unnoticed is the smooth integration of chat users using their community forum. Local brands vary from Lobby, Cafe and Trivia to more specific locations due to their location like Northern Ireland and Wales. Overall, UKChat is a great chat site.


KidsChat uses a unique chat program called CodyChat which looks gorgeous. The camera is simple in attention, the animated graphics scroll, and the individual options are diverse. By clicking on a chat, you quickly and easily access its own profile, where you can find out all of the user’s details. You can deliver songs while you speak, but control the volume so that it might not be too loud. Overall this is a top notch camera.


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