Ubisoft Connect’s new chat service launches this week


Ubisoft will bring back the chat feature to Ubisoft Connect this week, finally bringing its functionality more in line with the service it replaced.

Since Ubisoft renamed Uplay to Ubisoft Connect Last year, gamers commented on the lack of core functionality in Uplay’s new client, as well as some design changes. Ubisoft is working to bring back the features left behind with a recent announcement specifically informing people that the ability to message friends will return on May 31.

The rebranding of Ubisoft Connect resulted in a complete design overhaul and as a result removed or obscured some important features. Following the update, many players have found a confusing process to relearn how to invite a friend to a party in games such as Tom clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, for example.

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A Ubisoft community manager cited a basic service restructuring as the reason for removing chat, and the now returning functionality should make Ubisoft Connect a more fully functional program. The design of the new chat feature doesn’t look much different from the old chat, so players won’t have much to relearn. The new chat service will also bring back group chats, so all of Uplay’s main features will be present in the Ubisoft Connect chat. Ubisoft Connect itself appears to be an effort to take Ubisoft’s current launcher away from its previous Uplay brand, especially combined with the new Ubisoft Plus receiving a name change.

Ubisoft may want to distance itself from the Uplay brand, as Uplay has become a point of frustration for many gamers over the years, with many games requiring the launcher to run even when purchased through other services. major distribution companies such as Steam. The launcher overlay provides a singular friend system in all Ubisoft games, but more often than not Ubisoft Connect is still cumbersome for those who buy their games on Steam.

Ubisoft’s development teams have been working on introducing positive changes to the company’s services and games over the past year, including a UI redesign for Ubisoft Plus. The reintroduction of the chat feature is the latest in Ubisoft’s attempts to keep Ubisoft Connect as a useful service, and counter its history of being an extra step in launching a game.

The next update of Ubisoft ConnectThe chat system will undoubtedly be a positive change for gamers looking for an easy way to ask their friends for help in popular Ubisoft online games like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. As a chat feature is standard in many game launchers, including the successful Connect service, gamers are expected to make heavy use of the feature when it launches tomorrow.

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Source: Ubisoft Forums

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