Watch This Weekend: 94th Annual Academy Awards on ABC


Be My Guest with Ina Garten (Discovery Plus) The Barefoot Contessa invites old and new friends to her East Hampton home to chat, eat and visit some of her favorite spots.

The Cabins (Discovery Plus) A new reality show following three couples who move into cozy log cabins together on extended first dates.

The lost girls (Lifetime to 8 years) After a man lures a teenage girl into a trafficking ring, her parents try to save her.

A second chance in love (Punch at 8) A woman settles her divorced parents through a dating app, while her own marriage fails.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet (Animal Planet at 8) Season 8.

Broken (Oxygen at 6) Two decades after the burnt body of a local man is discovered in Missouri, a murder plot is revealed.

The Real Atlanta Murders (Oxygen at age 7) Investigators must navigate a love triangle to the killer of a millionaire playboy.

When the heart calls you (Punch at age 8) When the flu leaves Elizabeth without a babysitter, she sees another side of Lucas who offers to babysit Jack.

Tournament of Champions (Food Network at 8) Guy Fieri reveals which of the remaining 16 leaders will take part in the four one-on-one Sudden Death Battles.

The simpsons (Fox at age 8) Cletus discovers that Brandine has been hiding her love of learning from him.

The circus: in the greatest political spectacle in the world (Showtime at 8) A look at Trump-era presidential politics, revealing the stories behind the headlines.

Riverdale (CW at 8) Archie forms a team to rebuild Andrew’s house after the explosion; Jughead faces his new reality.

Naked and scared (Discovered at age 8) A feral EMT and a homesteader try to survive in a Colombian coastal jungle but discover they have different priorities.

90 day fiance (TLC at age 8) When Gino tries to ask Jasmine for a prenuptial agreement, it doesn’t go as hoped; Kim and Usman say goodbye; Mike and Ximena try to work things out.

Power Book IV: Strength (Starz at age 8) Tommy and the crew are struggling to keep up with demand and need more help to increase their supply.

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS at 8) Sam brings back “Switch”, his undercover persona, to find an agent’s killer.

Kill Eve (BBC America at age 8) Eve uncovers secrets about her target; Villanelle embraces murder again; Carolyn finds one of the best members of the Twelve.

The big North (Fox at 8:30 a.m.) Ham and an older, party-loving woman become friends; Judy tries pottery.

Foreigner (Starz at age 9) Ian visits the Cherokee and comes across a man from his past who brings back bad memories of his time with the Mohawks.

Buying Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (HBO at 9) new style of play threatens to further fracture the Lakers franchise.

weakest link (NBC at age 9) A comedian, a beekeeper, a grad student and five other strangers play a team trivia game for a chance to win up to $1 million.

Penalty (PBS at age 9) Charlotte begins a new role as Alexander Colbourne’s enigmatic governess; Alison longs for her knight in shining armor.

March (CW at 9) The group relaxes after a long season; Kaylan celebrates graduation day while transitioning into adulthood.

Kandi and the gang (Bravo at 9 a.m.) Kandi and Todd hold town hall to help OLG team; Patrick puts his friendship with Torin in jeopardy.

evil lives here (Discovery survey at 9) Steven Crittenden’s brother, Bryant, must decide whether to keep Steven’s secret or tell the truth and betray him.

Billions (Showtime at 9 a.m.) Chuck regroups for a retreat; Prince tries to consolidate his victories; Wendy struggles to understand Prince’s big picture.

The Walking Dead (AMC at 9) While on a rescue mission, Aaron and Gabriel receive help from Maggie, Lydia, and Elijah; in the chaos, Negan watches over Hershel.

family guy (Fox at 9:30) Lois becomes addicted to her painkillers meant to treat Brian’s injury; Cleveland rearranges Peter’s ping pong table.

Unexpected (TLC at 10) Tiara goes to her 32-week date; Emersyn and Mason attend a childbirth class; Jenna’s parents make an appearance at Luca’s christening.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber (Showtime at 10) At Apple headquarters, Travis stands trial, fighting for Uber’s existence; Arianna and Bill disagree on how to guide Travis.

shining valley (Starz at 10) As Pat tries to get rid of Rosemary, she learns that Terry has been hiding a secret from her.

TO CRUSH (CBS at 10) The team pursues a grieving father whose son was denied a kidney transplant when hospital workers are targeted by a gunman.

On the Paula Zahn case (Investigation Discovery at 10) Police find a giant sword alongside a murder victim and must sort through her complicated life to seek justice.

rescue bar (Paramount at 10) In Texas, Jon helps a couple save their failing bar and become better business partners.

Last week tonight with John Oliver (HBO at 11) The comedian presents an in-depth satirical look at the news from the past week.

94th Annual Academy Awards (ABC at 8) Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes host a celebration of movies of the past year.


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