Waterstones to close with rumors Greggs could replace him


The popular bookstore in Falkland Square has reached the end of its lease and will cease trading on February 27.

Although Waterstone wants to stay in town, it is reported that the landlord has chosen to give the new lease to Greggs.

However, when approached by the Daily Echo, a spokesperson for Greggs said: “Greggs is always looking for new store locations, although we are unable to confirm anything for the moment, we will make sure to share any information in a timely manner.”

Waterstone’s is actively looking for a new store in Poole town centre.

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A Waterstone spokesperson said: ‘Unfortunately, with the lease on our Poole store coming to an end, the landlord has elected to give the new lease to another tenant, Greggs.

“We are very sorry to lose the shop after such a long period of successful book sales in the city.

“We have not yet identified a suitable alternative store, but we remain confident that it is possible to find one.

“We have bookshops in Bournemouth town center and Castlepoint Shopping Centre, and further afield in Ringwood.

‘Until we find a new home in Poole our booksellers will be working in one of these shops as we hope our customers will also come and buy their books.’

Commenting on the news, Poole Councilor Mark Howell said: ‘It is clearly better to have a bookshop in the town center than to have an outlet selling mainly fast food.

“It’s important for people’s health and well-being and also for having access to books – we don’t read enough in modern society and if bookstores were to go away, that’s just one more step on the road so people don’t read enough.

Cllr Howell continued: “The overall situation for Poole is currently quite good – Poole has a number of strengths compared to other nearby shopping areas which means it is an attractive location for people wanting to have stores and I hope it gets better and better.”

“Greggs wanted more space”

Unit rental agent Gerrard Matthews said: “Greggs wanted more space and the unit was on the market – there was a guesthouse for rent on the property. We agreed to a deal and there was only a short lease on Waterstone, which was the decision there, so they will no doubt be looking for somewhere else to move.”

The Daily Echo has also contacted Poole Councilors LJ Evans and Andy Hadley, who declined to comment.

We also reached out to Deputy Head of Council and Portfolio Holder for Development, Growth and Regeneration, Cllr Philip Broadhead.


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