Webelo Scouts wins Supernova awards


Lorenzo Knight and Robert McNeil present their Dr. Luis Walter Alvarez Boy Scouts of America Supernova awards.

by Dave Warner

Two Weblo Scouts from Little Falls won the Dr. Luis Walter Alvarez Boy Scouts of America Supernova Award. This is the highest science award they could ever receive for their age group in Cubs, and they are the only two to win the award in this Scout District.

A special dinner in honor of the two Scouts was held at Elks Lodge on Wednesday evening, and according to Boy Scout Leader Keith Knight, “This is the highest scientific award a Scout can earn based on their group of scouts. ‘age. So tonight we have an awards ceremony for the other scouts who have won science awards in our pack, but a special ceremony for these two so that they can get the recognition they deserve.

He said these are the first two children in the district to receive the award.

“They all start by winning different awards beyond science. Things about movement, chemistry and things that go beyond what is normally done in their ranks. They have to do three before they get a chance to do this one, ”Knight said.

There is a lot of study, research and presentation to teachers regarding the science that the Scouts were working on. “These kids started it virtually at the start of the pandemic. That’s how long they’ve been working on it, ”he said.

“We were waiting to see each other in person to really be able to do this ceremony. It’s really awesome. It’s not something we’ve seen locally, ”Knight said.


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