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Bria Ragin, David Yoon and Nicola Yoon of Joy Revolution have acquired their first author Elle Gonzalez Roseit’s Caught up in a bad falsehooda queer, Latinx YA rom-com billed as To all the boys I’ve loved before meets Schitt’s Creek, in which budding entertainer Devin Báez’s winter vacation turns into hijinks after his family’s longtime rivals, the wealthy Seo-Cookes, challenge them to a bet that could cost the Báezes their cabin well. -loved on the lake. But when the enemy’s handsome son comes to Devin in desperate need of a fake boyfriend, he reluctantly agrees to put aside love’s hatred to defeat the Seo-Cookes once and for all. Publication is scheduled for fall 2023; Uwe Stender of Triada US sealed the deal for worldwide rights.

Ashley Hearn from Peachtree Teen bought Folly of Saint Juniper by first author Alex Crespoa queer YA gothic mystery, billed as Cemetery Boys meets The devouring gray, in which an upright golden boy and a novice witch team up to rescue Jaime, a Mexican-American teenager with an enigmatic past, who has become trapped in a haunted Vermont mansion. Publication is scheduled for summer 2023; Mary C. Moore of Kimberley Cameron Associates brokered the deal for worldwide rights.

HarperCollins/Tegen’s Katherine Tegen has acquired, in a mid-level two-pound deal, The Science of Friendship and another untitled novel by Coretta Scott King author Tanita S. Davis. After a hurtful prank at the end of seventh grade by her “supposed” friends, Rylee uses her wits – and the inspiration of a science journalism article for a national competition – to figure out why some friendships end and how they end. make sure he doesn’t. it won’t happen to him again. Publication is scheduled for winter 2024; Steven Chudney of The Chudney Agency brokered the deal for worldwide English rights.

Whitney Leopard of Random House Graphic has purchased, in an exclusive bid, Sophie Escabasseit’s (Brooklyn Witches) mid-level fantasy graphic novel, ghost taxi. Adele begins seeing the ghosts who use her sister’s car as a taxi to get around town, and is drawn into a mission to save a ghost’s old house before their neighborhood is changed forever. Publication is scheduled for 2025; Kelly Sonnack of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency sold the worldwide rights.

Mora Couch at Holiday House acquired, at auction, a first author Thushanthi Ponweeramid-level novel I am Kavi, written in verse and set in 1990s Sri Lanka, in which 10-year-old Kavi must unravel the complex dynamics of a new family, a new school, new friends and a new identity as she moves to a large town in the village, while a civil war is raging. Publication is scheduled for fall 2023; Jacqui Lipton of Raven Quill Literary Agency brokered the deal for worldwide rights.

Scholastic’s Orlando Dos Reis has purchased worldwide rights to Lindsey Dugamid-level novel Replacing, in which a 12-year-old girl’s move to the countryside turns into a haunting when she begins to experience spooky visitations and must stop a ghost from taking over her life and body…forever. . Publication is scheduled for fall 2022; Masha Gunic of the Azantian Literary Agency brokered the deal.

Nancy Inteli of HarperCollins has acquired worldwide rights to three picture books from the new Cranky & Friends series created by the illustrator Pete Oswald (l.) (the Food Group series) and written by Phuc Tran (Sigh, gone). Presented as little blue truck meets grumpy monkey, the series features a crane truck named Cranky and his best friends who embark on adventures and help each other dig and navigate their feelings. The first book will be released in the winter of 2024 with books two and three to follow; Kirsten Hall of Catbird Productions represented the illustrator and Sarah Levitt of Aevitas Creative Management represented the author.

Tamar Mays of HarperCollins has purchased, in a four-book deal, the worldwide rights to Reina Ramos pulls it off by Emma Otheguy (I.) (Sofia Acosta makes a scene), the first in a new I Can Read series about a loyal friend whose high-spirited antics sometimes cause chaos, but who always finds a way to make things right; Andrés Landazabal will illustrate. The first title is scheduled for release in Fall 2022, with subsequent titles being released every two seasons. Adriana Dominguez, now at Aevitas Creative Management, closed the deal while at Full Circle Literary; Anne Moore Armstrong of the Bright Agency represented the illustrator.

Chronicle’s Taylor Norman has acquired a new first graphic novel reader from the author-illustrator Darin Shuler. Dog & Hat and the Lunar Eclipse Picnic follows best friends Dog (a dog) and Hat (who lives on his head and provides all sorts of advice) accompany their friend Ant to meet her long-lost cousins ​​on the moon. Publication is scheduled for spring 2023; Jennifer Laughran of literary agency Andrea Brown brokered the deal for worldwide rights.

Mark Podesta at Henry Holt bought his first picture book in an exclusive bid Terroir by the author-illustrator DeAnn Wileyand a second untitled picture book. Terroir is an ode to the homes – and people – that lift us up, told with warmth and wit and illustrated in a style reminiscent of Ekua Holmes and Oge Mora. Publication is scheduled for winter 2024; James McGowan of BookEnds brokered the deal for worldwide rights.

Little, Brown’s Lisa Yoskowitz Acquired Worldwide Picture Book Auction Rights That’s how you know by Kirsten W. Larson (I.) (A real wonder), a love letter to science in all its beauty, adventure and humanity, illustrated by Cornelia Li. Publication is scheduled for fall 2024; Lara Perkins represented the author and Caryn Wiseman represented the illustrator, both at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Charlie Ilgunas of Little Bee Books has purchased worldwide rights to A vaccine is like a memory by Newbery Honor author and physician Rajani LaRocca (l.), illustrated by Kathleen Marcotte, a picture book explaining how vaccines work, their history and why they are important. Publication is scheduled for summer 2023; Brent Taylor of Triada US represented the author and Lindsay Auld of Writers House represented the illustrator.

Barb McNally of Sleeping Bear Press has acquired worldwide rights to I say it loud by R.Owens (l.), illustrated by Keisha Okafor, a picture book in which James Brown’s iconic anthem, “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud,” takes the mic and reflects on its past, present and future as a source of pride and empowerment, from the civil rights movement to today. Publication is scheduled for fall 2023; Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary represented the author and Christy Ewers of the CAT agency represented the illustrator.

Courtney Code at Abrams bought the picture book Where did Benjamin go? by Chris Clarkson (l.), illustrated by Annalize Barber. A boy uses happy memories to deal with his grief at losing his older brother; the story embraces the concept that big boys get sad too, while capturing the dynamics of a black family finding joy in the midst of loss. A fall 2023 release is planned; Rachel Brooks of BookEnds Literary Agency represented the author and Nicole Tugeau of Tugeau 2 represented the illustrator.

Capstone’s Christianne Jones has acquired worldwide rights to A bad case of almost by Janet Sumner Johnson (l.), illustrated by Alexandra Colombo. In this book, Abby conducts an experiment to find out if “almost” can be a good thing. Publication is scheduled for spring 2023; Lauren Galit of LKG Agency represented the author and Emmajane Turner of Bright Agency represented the illustrator.

Andrea Hall of Beaming Books has purchased worldwide rights to Nila’s perfect coata picture book written by Norene Paulson (l.) and illustrated by Maria Mola, about a girl who learns the difference between what she wants, what she needs and what she can do for a friend in need, as shopping at a thrift store becomes an opportunity to think about someone other than herself. Publication is scheduled for spring 2023; Naomi Davis of BookEnds Literary Agency represented the author and Lucie Luddington of Bright Agency represented the illustrator.

Andrea Posner-Sanchez of Golden Books has acquired worldwide rights to Laurel Snyder‘s (l.) picture book biography titled Bruce Springsteen: A short biography from the guestbookabout the iconic American musician, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbler. Publication is scheduled for September 2023; Tina Dubois at ICM Partners represented the author, and Mela Bolinao at MB Artists represented the illustrator.

Stephanie Mulligan of McSea Books has purchased worldwide rights to Oh, chickadee! by Jennifer Richard Jacobson (l.), illustrated by Jamie Hogan. This non-fiction picture book features a year in the life of a chickadee (the state bird of Maine and Massachusetts) and describes how these birds survive predators, the risk of starvation and cold, frigid winters. . Publication is scheduled for winter 2023; the author and illustrator represented themselves.

Hannah Lambert of Little Simon has acquired worldwide rights to she is moma hardback book that describes the many things a mother can be, Mackenzie Porter (l.), illustrated by Heather Brockman Lee. Publication is scheduled for spring 2023; the author represented herself and Deborah Warren of the East West Literary Agency represented the illustrator.

Greystone Kids has purchased worldwide English rights to Cool Paws for Piet by Pierre Wohlben (Earth Carina Wohlleben (c.), following Piet the squirrel as he searches for a way to cool off on a hot day, encountering a host of other animals who share what they do, none of which seem quite appropriate for Piet . Rachel Qiuqi (r.) will illustrate; publication is scheduled for Spring 2024. Natalie Lakosil of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency represented the illustrator; Greystone acquired the text from the Verlagsgruppe Oetinger in Germany.


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