Whitehall Public Library offering thematic subscription packages for teachers


The Whitehall Public Library has launched a new initiative, the Teacher Classroom Book Bundle, to provide teachers with thematic content for their classrooms at no cost to the teacher or the school district.

Teachers can purchase a subscription with a library card. The resource is also available to parents who are residents or non-residents of the borough, who have a library card, and who teach their children at home. The initiative already has 17 subscribers and continues to gain popularity.

“Having worked with so many great teachers over the years, my experience is that educators are always looking for new, fun ways to engage students,” said Children’s Librarian Denise Ignasky. “We design teacher kits to provide new books that may not be available in the school or classroom library. All learning materials and activities encourage further exploration of the stories provided in the kits.

Each set of teachers’ class books includes resources such as themed books, songs, nursery rhymes, flannels, and story time props. The new boxes are delivered to the school at the beginning of the month and collected at the end of the month. The library informs teachers in advance of delivery and collection dates. Delivery is only available to schools and daycares in the Baldwin-Whitehall area. Non-residents and home school educators can pick up packages at the library.

“I wanted to personally thank Denise and her team for being such a wonderful community resource to our students, families and staff at Baldwin Whitehall,” said Melissa Anderson, teacher for the Baldwin Whitehall School District. “The recent initiative she created has been a very motivating and enriching experience for me and our students. “

Since the subscription service is new, Ignasky chooses themes based on the events that unfold during the month, such as seasons, holidays, and famous people. An educator can request a special topic or topic with advance notice. Ignasky also plans to survey teachers to assess future topics and resources that may be of interest to them.

For more information or to become a subscriber, visit whitehallpubliclibrary.org or call 412-882-6622.


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