Women Ready to Shine at the Jamaican Music Experience and True Tribute Awards in New York City on September 10


New York – August 19, 2022 – Some of Jamaica’s most respected female music industry personalities will take the stage for the second annual Jamaican Music Experience and True Tribute Awards to be held on Saturday, September 10 at the Adelphi University Performing Arts Center in Garden City, New York.

The event is presented by the True Tribute Organization, founded and led by renowned musician and educator, LeRoy Graham Jr.

Myrna Hague, Audrey Hall, International Women in Reggae and Jenieve Hibbert are among the female performers who will pay tribute in song to this year’s winners, while legendary co-founder of iconic label VP Records, Patricia Chin, known as “Miss Pat” – will be among the main presenters of the evening.

Popular New York radio personality Sheron ‘Sheron P’ Pearson, producer and host of Sheron P Driving Show, will be the mistress of ceremonies for this star-studded event, alongside renowned IRIE JAM radio host, Irwine Clare, and veteran producer and radio host, Ken Williams.

The Jamaican Music Experience and True Tribute Awards are a unique celebration of Jamaican culture, history and development within the music industry and beyond. It commemorates the achievements of Jamaicans past and present, highlighting their commitment and pioneering efforts to share Jamaica’s cultural heritage and musical heritage with the world. The event also raises funds and publicizes several educational projects in Jamaica and the United States developed through the True Tribute Organization Foundation.

This year’s list of honorees includes artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Beverly Kelso, Doreen Schafer, Judge Diamond of the Mighty Diamonds, Derrick Morgan and Johnny Osborne as well as radio personalities Ken Williams, Conroy Allison, Carl B Moxie and Jeff Sarge. Leaders of organizations including Karl and Faye Rodney, Lesleyann Samuel, Michael R Duncan and Sadie Campbell will also be honoured.

Posthumous awards will be presented to the late Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert, Sonny Bradshaw, Sonia Pottinger, Roland Alphonso and Jerome ‘Jah Jerry’ Haynes, among others.

According to show producer Graham, the focus on female talent for this year’s event is to shine a light on the sometimes overlooked achievements of women in the music industry, both on stage and in behind the scenes.

“Women have played a remarkably impactful and hugely important role in the history and development of the Jamaican music industry from day one until today,” he says. “However, many accounts of this history downplay or completely ignore the outstanding contributions of women. Therefore, at True Tribute, we plan to play our part in ensuring that each year we honor the achievements of women in music, to both within our list of laureates and on stage through musical performances.

Myrna Hague, often called “Jamaica’s First Lady of Jazz”, has been one of the country’s most popular singers for about five decades. She was a co-founder of the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival with her late husband, Sonny Bradshaw and, among other accolades, has won the Musgrave of Jamaica Silver Medal, the Jamaica Federation of Musicians Award and several “JAMI” awards from the Jamaican music industry.

Audrey Hall is a prolific singer and songwriter who has been acclaimed as one of Jamaica’s most important songbirds. Beginning her career with the duo Dandy and Audrey, she then established herself as a solo artist in the 1980s and achieved major international success with songs such as One dance won’t be enough, The best thing For me and his biggest worldwide success to date, Smile.

International Women in Reggae was founded in 2017 by drummer and accomplished musician Ariane Wint and is considered the only all-female reggae band currently active in the United States. The group – which includes several already successful solo singers – has gained popularity due to its eclectic fusion of reggae, funk, R&B and jazz. They also shared the stage with Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt and Garth Streete.

Born into reggae royalty, Jenieve Hibbert is the daughter of Grammy Award-winning music legend Toots Hibbert. She began her career alongside her two sisters in 54-46, their father’s backup vocal group. However, in a career spanning over thirty years, she has since established herself as a dynamic and gifted artist in her own right. Since embracing Christianity in 1987, she has used her music as a ministry, winning several international awards in the process. His first solo album, Best friend for life will be available on all streaming platforms from August 26th.

The second annual Jamaican Music Experience and True Tribute Awards are sponsored by VP Records, IMC Media and Sam’s Caribbean Marketplace.

Further information regarding tickets and the event itself can be found at www.truetribute.org.


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