World Book Day: The wrong Harry Potter costume for the boy from Bolton spells hilarity


A SIX-year-old boy had his parents in stitches when he came home in the wrong Harry Potter outfit for World Book Day.

Noah Halligan, from Stoneclough, went shopping with dad Mark, hoping to find a Harry Potter outfit. But instead, they came back with those of Hermione Granger.

Noah Halligan works out in his Hermione Granger costume

Poor Noah ‘didn’t find it funny at all’ as he was really looking forward to dressing up as Harry, having been unable to because of Covid.

Mom Kim Wilson said she and Mark couldn’t talk because they were laughing so much when they saw the wig.

She said, “When he took the wig out of the bag, I said let’s try it on. That way we know it’s not one of them.

“He went to a paddy field and didn’t find it funny at all. It said Harry Potter on the tag, but the wrong outfit was there.

“He loves to dress up, but not as Hermione.

“We keep the outfit because we removed the tags.”

Noah in disguise for World Book Day

Noah in disguise for World Book Day

Noah will always play the role of Harry Potter. His mother and grandmother, Jennifer Harlow, have already started getting creative by gluing a Harry Potter tie onto a t-shirt, complete with a quote from the movie.

Classmates at Prestolee Primary will all make their own t-shirts inspired by book characters.

Kim added: “Kids will have to guess which movie the quote is from. When we learned from school that he was wearing a t-shirt, he wasn’t happy.

“But it’s fun, and he likes it. My mom is better than me at making things, and she mostly makes the t-shirt.

Noah loves looking at pictures of Harry Potter and the Avengers, but he’s happy reading all the animal books right now.

Part of the mission of World Book Day is to encourage children to read just because they love to read.

Kim said, “His favorite books are all the animal books because he loves them.”

Noah has already dressed up as Spider Man, Woody from Toy Story and a T-Rex, all with the right outfits.

But it’s sure to be the most memorable costume Noah has ever worn.

Kim said he was still “very excited” and the mishap did not deter him.


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