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Xiamen, China, January 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On December 30, the 34th GOLDEN ROOSTER AWARDS held an awards ceremony in Xiamen. Xiamen has entered the “Golden Rooster Time”, the city’s attention is focused on this event.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Golden Rooster Awards and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

This year, the Golden Rooster and the Hundred Flowers Film Festival is co-sponsored by the Chinese Literary Arts Association, the China Film Association and the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government. During the three days of the film festival, the main activities include 30 articles divided into seven categories. Including an awards event, three major events, four outdoor film activities, two investment forum activities and a film industry learning symposium, artist sharing and performance groups.

The film festival organized for the first time the best selection in foreign language

This year’s Golden Rooster Awards entry film is a film that is being reviewed through the CHINA Film Administration review from July 1, 2020 to July 15, 2021.

Since the launch of the registration work on July 7, the organizing committee has received 185 registration films, including 50 history films, 69 low and medium-cost story films, 11 children’s films, 11 art films, 25 scientific and educational documentaries and films, 9 Dramatic films, 10 foreign language films.

In the end, 20 prizes including best feature film, best director, best actor and best actress will be selected.

Among them, this year’s Golden Rooster Awards ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ selection work was launched for the first time, aiming to explore and establish film rating standards in line with international standards and international standards. Chinese aesthetic.

Special topic “BRIC VScountry “at the International Film Festival

The film festival has launched a number of special events, including the Golden Rooster International Film Exhibition, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Film Exhibition, New Domestic Film Exhibition, Film Exhibition de Bamin and other film exhibition activities.

Among them, the China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival will screen 38 films from 35 countries and regions 77 times, including 5 new films on the “BRICS theme” and 3 masterpieces “on the theme of classic restoration” . Among them, 9 films were premiered in Asia, 19 films made their debut in mainland China, 97% of films were awarded at major international film festivals around the world and 5 films were selected by the country to participate in the 94th Academy Awards.

In order to showcase Xiamen’s unique style as a “BRIC city”, the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival will set up a special “BRIC Country” section to showcase new films from Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and other countries, opening a dialogue of light and shadow with Chinese films.

The price of the golden roosters landed in Xiamen, and the film and television industry developed vigorously

Since becoming the first fixed city to host the Golden Rooster Awards in 2019, Xiamen has witnessed one glorious moment in Chinese films one after another. Standing at the new starting point of the 40th anniversary of the construction of the Special Economic Zone, Xiamen, the bustling city of film and television, and the Golden Rooster Awards side by side, continue to write a new chapter of legend. As of the end of November this year, Xiamen had a total of 2,046 film and television companies, and 350 new film and television companies were added in 2021; the total registered capital of film and television companies was 9.16 billion yuan, and the newly added registered capital in 2021 was 2.61 billion yuan.

The “Made in Xiamen” word-of-mouth market has a double harvest

With the arrival of quality film companies and the presence of film and television crews, Xiamen has gradually become a fertile ground for film and television production and production. This year, 143 film scripts were recorded in Xiamen City, 102 top online movies and TV series were recorded, and 8 TV series were broadcast. The number of recorded, publicly shown and distributed film and television dramas ranks first in the province. The active environment of cinema and television also results in more high-quality works produced by “Xiamen”.

Special policies unleash the development dynamics of the film and television industry

This year, Xiamen formulated the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Film Industry in Xiamen City” and issued special support policies for film and television such as “Provisions to further promote the development of the film and television industry in Xiamen City. . “Focused mainly on the culture of market players, screenplay creation, distribution of film and television works, film and television shooting, film and television activities and other important links in the chain of l film and television industry in Xiamen, 11 measures with high relevance, high gold content and strong operability have been taken. Support all districts to accelerate the implementation of fiscal policies. In 2021, the cash amount will be 110 million yuan, benefiting 193 companies.

On September 8 this year, during the 21st China International Investment and Trade Fair, the Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference of the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival signed a cooperation agreement with the Xiamen City Talent “Double Hundred Plan”. Relevant outstanding talents can be selected as the main entrepreneurial talents in the “Double Hundred Plan” of Xiamen City. Attracting and cultivating talent will give new impetus to Xiamen’s promotion of high-quality development of the film and television industry. On the 100th anniversary of Xiamen University this year, Xiamen University Film Academy, jointly established by the city and the school, was officially inaugurated. JiMei University, Xiamen University of Technology and other institutions are also launching film and television education. Vigorously cultivating and introducing talents into the film and television industry has provided continued intellectual support for the development of the film and television industry in Xiamen, and also sowed the seeds of more vigorous vitality for this fertile soil.

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