Yankees head to League City LL’s City Championship contest


Three Yankees pitchers from major league Little League League City combined on a one-hitter shutout to lead the team to a 5-0 win over the Pirates on Thursday night and a berth in the contest coveted city championship.

With the win, the Yankees earned a second showdown with the Rockies, but this time it will be to brag about which team can claim they are the best Little League baseball team in all of League City for 2022.

The two played Tuesday night at John Paul Field in the group-winning final with the Rockies winning 5-2.

Saturday’s game is scheduled for around 11 a.m. or after the Triple A City Championship game ends at 9 a.m. The same team of referees must work both competitions. But the Yanksthey must pass the Rockies. The “IF” game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. at John Paul Field.

Decker Miller continued his searing strike, going 3-for-3 with three singles, using a wooden bat he bought at a yard sale for his final shot as the team scored three important runs in the fifth to provide some cushion for pitchers.

Luke Airington, who had a great batting tournament himself, scored the Pirates’ only hit, a fourth-inning single that fell off the top of the second baseman’s glove and into right center field.

But seconds later, he would be obliterated on the pick of a fielder the shortstop fielded and walked to second base.

The Yankees infield left side had a busy and productive game. It wasn’t a perfect effort, but it was still very good. With Jacob McGee at third and Miller at shortstop, the two had 9 of 11 chances on the field.

In the third, McGee was responsible for two of the takedowns, including the youngster gloved a ball a foot off the ground. In round two, Miller had McGee’s back. McGee erred but it didn’t hurt as Miller was responsible for two of the three outs.

And then there was Easton Starr’s outside center which allowed his teammates to drop within one of the title contest. With a brisk south-to-north wind blowing, a Pirates batter sent a ball high into the air.

With the wind, the height of the ball and Starr being probably the smallest kid on the team, everyone expected the ball to drop, giving the Pirates hope for a rally. No, Starr caught the ball like a pro.

“It was like 150 feet in the air. I thought it was like it was way back to the start. The wind was blowing and I started running. From there I just did it caught,” Starr said.

Starr was the Yankees starting pitcher and the southpaw worked 2 and 2/3 innings, before Kyle Salvato took over. Starr threw a no-hitter for his pass on the mound, letting the left side of the infield do all the work.

“I don’t throw that fast but they can’t hit my stuff because I’m left-handed and my ball (a fastball) moves a lot,” Starr said.

If the Yankees are going to cross the Rockies, they’ll need to collect five wins to do so. They have three. Manager Quint Greenville will need 12 of his boys best runs to achieve this.

“We’re not quite at the finish line yet, but I think we’ll be fine. They’ve been doing a lot of reps lately in batting practice. It was kind of one of our weaknesses throughout the season. Towards the end of the season, they increased it. That is all. We only guide the orchestra. We don’t play any instruments, they do,” Greenville said.

SPORTSPLEX SCRIBBLES: The Pirates went on a two-game losing streak. They hadn’t allowed more than one run in those games and were close to doing so again until insanity on the mound in fourth drove the deficit to four runs. …The Triple A Astros will face the Yankees in their championship game on Saturday at Joseph Fleming Field. In the 7-7 stalemate with the Mariners, the Astros scored the game-winning run in the seventh on a wild pitch. Seconds earlier, the Mariners prevented the winning run from scoring when the catcher scored a runner at home plate.

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